Jake Marsh

Student & Developer

Campuslively 2.0

Version 2 of the website Campuslively, completely redesigned and redeveloped on the MEAN stack.

UMaine Today

Complete redesign and redevelopment of the online version of UMaine's publication UMaine Today.

PlainTextOffenders Extension

A Chrome extension to retrieve a list of websites known to store users' passwords in plain text, and alert the user if the website they're on is one of them.


A simple anonymous file-sharing application built on the MEAN stack.

Intern Project

A web application built using AngularJS and ASP.net to help employees find their colleagues via a map, as well as initiate employee moves if user has permission.


An MP3 player written entirely in Java with the use of MP3 libraries. Utilizes a splay tree for quick song retrieval.


An Android application to keep track of gift ideas for holidays, developed using AngularJS and Phonegap.

Hiller Home Builders

A fully responsive website designed and developed for a local contractor.